what if your best employees never left?

What if your best employees never left?

What if they could mentor all your employees, all the time?


totaliQ is a continuous improvement platform that increases profitability by intelligently leveraging employee expertise.

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Improve Project Performance

Enable colleagues to harness the value of their collective experience, avoid repeating costly mistakes and continually improve your project delivery process. Meet schedule, stay on budget and, most importantly, keep your reputation intact with totaliQ.



Refine Project Estimates

Close the loop between execution and estimating and go further than the numbers by understanding the context of why estimates are off. Don’t miss out on revenue by overbidding, or squeeze profitability by omitting lessons you have already learned the hard way.



Reduce the Impact of Employee Turnover

Turnover is a fact of business, however when experienced employees leave the organization, their knowledge doesn’t have to leave with them. With totaliQ, that hands-on knowledge, expertise, and experience can be retained to continue mentoring employees.


Gain Visibility into Internal Expertise

Build an inventory of employees’ levels and areas of expertise across your organization. Give them the opportunity to show off what they know, while their colleagues identify who can help with day to day issues, and you select the right combination of skills for project teams.



Turn Your Intangibles into a Tangible Asset

Whether you call it ‘know-how’ or ‘secret sauce’, one of your most valuable assets is organizational knowledge. Maximize the value of this asset and bring it to the table on all your projects by releasing it from the minds of those precious few key resources.

Have Every Employee Trained by Your Best Employees

On-boarding new employees represents a significant investment in time, money, and resources. With totaliQ, your best and brightest employees can provide knowledge, guidance, and expertise to new employees, while continuing to deliver on their day to day responsibilities.


How much is your knowledge worth? John knows…

"Knowledge is not knowledge unless it is shared."



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