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“If only we knew what our employees know…”


- CEO, industrial OEM


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Capture Content a Multitude of Ways

Make the intangible tangible by capturing each nugget of knowledge is its most appropriate form. Whether your Insight is best represented as a project lesson, estimate feedback, Q&A, a wiki, a story, or something else, totaliQ lets you share your knowledge in your preferred format.


Show Off and Get Recognized for Your Expertise

Share what you know and your colleagues will recognize the value of your knowledge. You’ll earn a reputation as an expert across your Areas of Expertise, which helps your colleagues understand how valuable you are and gets you selected for the best projects.

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The Right Content, Just for You

While your organization has a trove of data, it is useless unless you can find what you need when you need it. With totaliQ, not only is your colleagues’ knowledge searchable across a number of fields, including topic and project, we push the most relevant content for you right into your inbox.


Tell a Story; totaliQ Will Take Care of the Rest

Writing content can take a lot of time and effort, which is at a premium in a fast-paced project environment. Skip the hassle by telling totaliQ a story and we’ll take care of the rest; we’ll transcribe and auto-tag your story, enabling you to share and quickly move on to the next task.


Social Knowledge Sharing

More heads are better than one. totaliQ’s social media interface helps colleagues build on each other’s ideas, agree with valuable Insights and share content. totaliQ breaks down silos and enables colleagues to connect for mentoring and cross training.


We make the transition into the totaliQ platform a seamless experience for customer organizations. By hooking into the customer’s existing business processes, systems and cultural norms, our On-boarding Team maximizes adoption by colleagues, enabling them to maximize the value of their collective knowledge.